Polish Cultural Festival Association (PCFA), is a non-for-profit (social enterprise) community organisation incorporated in 2008 with the aim of supporting Polish-Scottish integration and to promote Polish culture and heritage. We are community-led organisation and we use interviews and community consultations to gain inspiration and develop events truly needed by the community in Scotland. In order to meet our aims, each year we design, fundraise for and deliver a unique programme of educational and cultural events. 

Our aim is to: 

- support Polish-Scottish integration and promote equality and social diversity through non-political cultural activities.

- promote, establish, operate and/or support other schemes and projects of a charitable nature for the benefit of the Polish community and its integration in Scotland.


Our mission

Polish Cultural Festival Association empowers, develops and supports Polish Community in Scotland to promote integration, participation and multicultural dialogue.

Our Vision
Poles living in Scotland:
- Are proud of their national identity, culture and heritage 
- Are aware of their rights and responsibilities as citizens in Scotland.
- Actively contribute and participate in the community at all levels. 
- Have equal access to personal and professional development opportunities.


About us

First Polish Cultural Festival Team September 2008