In the past few years we have delivered a number of successful projects:


2009: Polish Cultural Festival 

A week long programme of events (20-26th April 2009) showcasing theatre, heritage, visual arts, film and music. The festival was a great success and attracted an audience of almost 7 000 who participated in 20 different events run in venues all over the Edinburgh .


2010:The Experiance of Polish Scottish Integration- A research and community consultation project funded by “Investing in Ideas”  Big Lottery Fund. The project created a platform to discuss the process of

integration in Scotland, and allowed us to learn more about the needs and barriers to integration for the Polish migrant community in Scotland. It also generated ideas and recommendations to design better informed services and projects responsive to the needs of the community. (The Polish-Scottish Heritage Trail is one of the projects based on the outcomes of this research).


2010: Bajka-Fairytale Project
 Art and theatre workshops for Polish and Scottish children. The script for the play used Polish and Scottish fairy tales as well as songs and rhymes. Polish and English speaking children acted in the play.  (20 children acting, 150 people saw the shows)

2010: Confident Careers

Career development workshops for Ethnic Minority Women delivered with Skills for Scotland, and Edinburgh Napier University. (60 women took part in total of 3 workshops)


2011: Polish Kaleidoscope 

A series of public lectures and cultural events presenting different aspects of Polish modern

culture. Throughout the year, the PCFA showcased Polish contemporary cinema, design, animation, literature, urban design, history and language to a mixed Polish and Scottish audience to stimulate interest and discussion. (total programme audience 1525)


2012: Polish Food and Culture Festival

A series of culinary and cultural events. The events were designed to introduce people to the exciting flavours of Poland while giving them an opportunity to learn more about Polish culture. The series of tasting events were run alongside interesting exhibitions, movie screening and games, as well as with songs for children introducing Polish traditions of Christmas and Polish celebrations like St Andrews day . (audience 500 people)


2013-2014: Polish Scottish Heritage Project

The Polish-Scottish Heritage aims to promote a greater awareness of Poland and Scotland’s shared heritage. It is especially important now that the Polish community in Scotland is larger than ever before (67 000), to discover those long lasting connections, preserving and celebrating the shared histories of places, events and people for present and future generations


2014-2016 Vote You Are At home Campaign


2015 Bloody Foreigners Campaign


2015-2016: Mam_Wiem_Zarabiam Modern Apprenticeships Project & Erasmus Plus





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