Since the inception in 2008 Polish Cultural Festival has been run by a group of volunteers who used their range of skills and expertise to make our projects very successfull. Our project would be impossible to deliver without these fantastic people!

Our Staff

Lidia Krzynowek / Director

Lidia Krzynowek is a director of the Polish Cultural Festival Association since its inception in 2008. During that time she was responsible for leadership, development and delivery of a number of successful project that promote Polish- Scottish Integration and Heritage; e.g. Polish Cultural Festival 2009, ‘’ The Experience of Polish –Scottish Integrationin Scotland’’- report 2010, Polish Kalejdoscop 2011, Polish Food and Culture Festival 2012, Polish Scottish Heritage project (2013/2014)

Robert Motyka / Team Media

Robert Motyka / Team Media Motion Graphics, Edinburgh Robert Motyka, lives in and loves Edinburgh since 2007. Digital Designer, Video maker and VJ.

Joanna Zawadzka / Director

Joanna Zawadzka / Director Born in Poland, community activist based in Edinburgh, coordinator of Bloody Foreigners and One Day Without Us campaigns in Edinburgh. Since 2008 working as a director of the Polish Cultural Festival Association she developed a number of successful projects to support migrant and ethnic minority communities and their integration into wider society. Her work concentrates around promoting equality and social diversity through community led and cultural initiatives.

Kasia Kokowska / Team Press

Kasia Kokowska / Team Press Born in Poland, graduated from the Warsaw University with a degree in journalism and social communications. In the UK since 2005. Works as a manager at the University of Edinburgh; co-ordinator of Interactive Writing Salon in Scotland, Polish writing project. Project 04/2015: Bloody Foreigners Campaign

Radek Słomnicki / Volunteer & Events

Radek Slomnicki Polish Cultural Festival 2009 Polish Scottish Heritage Trail 2013-2015 Worked for PCFA in the capacity of: Volunteer Co-ordinator, Event Organiser, Project Leader, Researcher and Photographer. Moved to Scotland in 2004. While dedicated to photography, he is pursuing his career as a HR professional.

Alicja Pawluczuk / Youth & Digital

Alicja Pawluczuk / Youth & Digital Skills Projects I am passionate about digital storytelling and the use of social media in social development context. My experience covers digital community management, content production, participatory media workshops at: FAO-UN, the Insitute of Local Televison, Maverick Television, Fife Cultural Trust, Edinburgh Napier University , Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, Screen Education Edinburgh, Media Education Edinburgh.

Dobrawa Jezior

Dobrawa Jezior / Youth Projects / Cross Party Group on Poland Secretary

Kasia Przybycien / Outreach

Kasia Przybycien / Outreach

Magdalena Czarnecka / Team Outreach

Magda Czarnecka is a community activist, psychologist and social entrepreneur. As Central Eastern European Community Development Officer, she liaises with FENIKS and Health All Round. She has also been involved in a variety of cultural and community projects, supporting integration and political participation of ethnic minorities residing in Scotland.

Joanna Howanska

Joanna Howanska is an internationally acclaimed creative director, graphic designer, poster artist and a stage designer. She has been working with an independent and national theaters for over a decade and developed a number of very successful artistic and commercial projects. In design she follows the notion that simplicity and clarity lead to good design. /Less is more Andrea del Sarto, 1855, Robert Browning/. Joanna is a co-founder of Freshmint Studio – graphic design studio.

Kasia Jackowska

Kasia Jackowska / Youth & Research Projects

Aga Swida / Team Press

Agnieszka Swida has lived in the UK since 2003. A marketing and communications professional, she’s currently working in the Arts in Scotland and is on the board of directors of an organisation supporting fair-trade and social enterprise from Palestine.

Tomasz Duda / Team Media

Tomasz Duda / Creative Team Photographer at Behance the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. Copywriter & journalist with a wide range of experience working in public, commercial and arts sectors. Artistic director, co-founder and project manager at Freshmint Studio an Edinburgh-based graphic design company combining ethical creative thinking and design strategy to build brands that get noticed, remembered and talked about. In love with Instagram.

Piotr Motyka

Piotr Motyka Web developer and Video maker. Lives in Edinburgh since 2005

Basia Wesolowska

Basia Wesolowska Born in Poland (Silesia), lives in Edinburgh since 2008. Works as a psychotherapist and communications officer in FENIKS, a charity organisation, which provides psychological support for Polish community. She coordinates “Look around – See Me”, a mental health awareness project founded by national campaign “SEE ME. End mental health stigma and discrimination”. Facilitates mental health workshops for Polish Community Champions

Paweł Kopeć

Paweł Kopeć Finished ethnology and culture anthropology at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. For many years has been dancing scottish dances and reenacting ancient Celts in Poland. In Scotland since summer 2014. In PCFA he is working on Erasmus + project where he is responsible for qualitative and quantitative research of young polish migrants in Edinburgh. Big fan of scottish culture, history and whisky (weather - not really).

Pestka Nowak / Events Team

Pestka Nowak / Events Team Responsible for making our events fabulous with her creative conceptual thinking, fab decorations and music. AKA mad glitter kollektiv